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 heartsbornetsy - (1maddieandmommy)
03:35pm 14/05/2008
My Heart Made it to the Front Page!  One of the click-able links on the top.  I'm going to try to attach a picture!  I'm so very excited not only for my shop but for the exposure that the Team will get from this!  Woo Hoo!
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Team tag
 heartsbornetsy - (bujorhandmades)
09:15am 01/05/2008
Let's change the tags for the hearts first while i find out the answer to Kristina's question!
thank you Kristina for your active commitment!
tags: tag
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Hearts Born Team
 heartsbornetsy - (bujorhandmades)
02:41pm 20/04/2008

Hearts Born Team Partners!

Please use the following three words in your tags for your hearts:

"Hearts Born Team"



Etsy Admin is suggesting this method to build stronger teams, and to benefit from Etsy Admin team promotion.

Also so we can easily co-promote each other, and so visitors can see all the hearts easily!
In your Profile or Shop Announcement tell visitors to your shop to search for Hearts Born Team!

Below is a snippet from Etsy if you would like more information.

Resources for Etsy Teams

A Guide to Team Tags

Things to Know about Team Tags:

  • To be recognized officially as an Etsy Team tag, the Team tag must have the word "team" in it. It can be a separate word, or altogether as one word, but it must contain "team".
  • Do NOT use a Team's tag unless you are sure you are a member of the Team whose tag you wish to use.

How to Use Your Team Tag:

  • Include the Team Tag on promotional items your Team makes.
  • Post links to a search for the tag on other sites, like your Team's website, your personal blog, social networking sites, etc.
  • Tell visitors to your shop to search for your Team's tag in your Profile or Shop Announcement!
  • In your Note to Buyer, include a note about the Team Tag.
  • The best Team tags are easy to remember, include the word "team", and are words or phrases that aren't currently used as tags for other items.

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About Me
 heartsbornetsy - (1maddieandmommy)
06:33pm 16/04/2008
Thanks for the wonderful page you've set up.  I am so happy to be a part of the Hearts movement - I'd love to meet some of our new heart makers.  I've been missing in action for a little while and am starting to come back (slowly).  Please feel free to introduce yourselves so I can get to know you. 
I own:
Maddie & ME, handcrafted children's couture AND Mommy's Little Helper, Lavender Goodies
I live:
in East Tennessee (though not from here originally I've been here 14 years and love it)
My family:
I have a husband who served in the US Army and is a disabled Vet (who I'm very proud of), a 17 year old step son and a 4 year old daughter
My other passions:
I love to garden, read, cook and create anything I can think up
My blog:
www.1maddieandmommy.blogspot.com  is brand new and a work in progress
My Hearts:
are light green and white pin stripe with deep purple thread for the first 12

ANYONE UP FOR TRADING HEARTS?  Send me a convo at either of my etsy shops
www.1MaddieAndMe.etsy.com   OR   www.MommysLittleHelper.etsy.com

OK, now tell me about yourselves...

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Our Blogs - please feel free to post/add yours to this message!
 heartsbornetsy - (bujorhandmades)
11:20pm 10/04/2008
Brand new off the press!
tags: blog
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How do I accept invitations to OUR HEARTS COMMUNITY?
 heartsbornetsy - (bujorhandmades)
10:59pm 10/04/2008
Each time I invite a partner to our community page:

this is the screen I get for confirmation  - it does not allow me to check on your receipt
so i just keep my fingers crossed that you will make it to the

COMMUNITY INVITATION PAGE to accept your invitation to post and communicate on the team page.

I can't wait to have your input!

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State colors! - So many more available
 heartsbornetsy - (bujorhandmades)
10:10am 21/03/2008
Hearts Born of Love and Consciousness
colors listed alphabetically, with the states listed next to them:

blue dark CT
blue light OH
brown   IL
gray   MO
green kelly IN
green light TN
orange   TX
teal   SC
white   MI
yellow/beije NC
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 heartsbornetsy - (bujorhandmades)
01:39pm 12/03/2008
part of being in a vision is being part of a community and represent the vision.

how does your heart description represent the vision:

CHECK OUT all the descriptions
                you have to do that to get a sense of the look of the vision and to meet the partners anyway
 WRITE WHY YOU JOINED it'd be great if you would write why you decided to join my invitation
                what it means to you to be part of this project.
TITLES many members even have a similar title this way if someone does a search all the hearts come up
CREDIT the vision, the originator, the other partners

please post extra ideas
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 heartsbornetsy - (bujorhandmades)
01:32pm 12/03/2008
when one or more other Etsians in a state are already making hearts there are a few extra details to consider:
choosing a recycled fabric of a color similar to the one already picked can be a bit challenging even if you save EVERYTHING. 


maybe the very first IN heart maker would be willing to part with a few inches of her fabric fabric.
you could cut a smaller heart and sew it on top of the top layer of your heart,
cut a larger heart and add it to the back of your heart - before you attach the pin....just an idea.

my hope is that a color will become identifiable with a state so it'd be very neat to accomplish that when more than one Etsian represent a state!
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let's TRADE - trading products
 heartsbornetsy - (bujorhandmades)
08:59am 11/03/2008
Trading products on Etsy

My first reaction when I heard, then read, about trading was - REALLY?  We don't have to send money?
it seemed strange...

Here is how:
In http://etsytools.com/, etsians can choose products they have to trade and find others that want to trade. 
1) sign up for an account,
2) add the shop you want to trade with
3) finalized transaction in etsy
4) at check out : click method of payment.  Ideally "other" is an available option.  If not click on payment method available
5) type a message mentioning the trade of products as agreed.
6) etsy registers this as a sale and charges the fees associated with the sale to the partners' respective accounts
7) in YOUR Etsy go to sold (orders) and
8) click on "got payment" for the traded product
9) both partners ship their products and incur the cost of shipping (most often the shipping cost is identical)
10) the sale is posted in both stores
11) feedback is posted in both stores
Since then I realized that a few convos agreeing on the trade are often enough to agree on the trade. 
I have clicked on paypal before and only sent the product (no payment)
I have  payed for shipping myself and the partner of the trade will also have to pay for shipment.

Trading it is a GREAT way to get sales up and feedback perfect for a store.  In the process I find that a relationship is born with the partner which is a comforting by-product of a trade - after all isn't Etsy all about building a community?

I hope this helps give comfort for future trades.  PLEASE be advised that this post is not to be taken as the norm for trading.  I strongly recommend you clarify with each trading partner what is their preferred method!

Good luck!
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